quarta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2011

Amizade / Friendship

The friendship begins when least expected ...
Our friendship start in Scotland in August last year.

I'm speechless! I received so much friendship and love that I can not describe what I feel!

From Jules with LOVE!

I'm speechless, but very HAPPY!
Thanks Jules! THANK YOU!!!!!

The wool from Australia was painted by Jules for me. I LOVE IT!

From Jules with LOVE!

I loved EVERYTHING: wool, scarf, stones, owls, the soap made by you, card and your words!

From Jules with LOVE!

From Jules with LOVE!

From Jules with LOVE!

From Jules with LOVE!

What can I say? I LOVE IT!

Pub Quiz, Students´ Union Bar

3 comentários:

  1. You lucky girl :)
    Is the yarn blue or green? It's so lovely. Do you already know what to do with it?
    I love the owl stickers and their little feet hi hi hi.
    You've made an excelent friend :)

  2. I am so happy that you are happy ; )

    I remember how you, Filomena and Xana made up such beautiful parcels for the teachers at Knitcamp and how surprised and loved thay felt when they received them- so I wanted to do that for you!

    I am relieved that you like the colour of the yarn- I wasn't sure if it was the right kind of green... but you can always dye it if you like!

    Happy birthday lovely friend!(I have been away on a mini craft camp so I am sorry for not replying earlier!)

  3. You are so kind!
    I'm still without words!
    Thanks for your friendship!

    Big, big, kisses for you!